Leadership: Something for You and Me

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“Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, even in from the people you least expect it from. Leadership isn’t just for the extroverts; it can come from anyone…”  Someone told me this during my freshman year and it is something that I will never forget. It sticks with me because it was an original idea that had never crossed my mind, but proves to be true. Saint Martin’s University produces great leaders who are changing the world because of the unique opportunities it provides, and I hope that I am one of them.

Members of the Norcia floor celebrating community, one of the core themes discussed during the Benedictine Leaders Program.

One of the unique programs that Saint Martin’s provides for students is the Benedictine Leaders Program (BLP). BLP consists of two phases that focus on the university’s four core themes, faith, reason, service and community, to help students discover where their strengths are and how they can apply them. It also allows the students to reflect upon how the four core themes affect their lives, and how to lead with integrity. Many leadership positions on campus, including orientation leaders, AHANA mentors, Norcia mentors, club officers and resident assistants, require BLP completion. As someone who has
participated in phase 1 of BLP, I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the process

AHANA leaders use their knowledge of reason and service to help educate first-year students about diversity.

because I met some of my best friends during the program, and because it has helped set me up for success during my time a Saint Martin’s, as well as out in the world. Students of all ages, personalities and talents (even the people I never would have formally guessed to pursue leadership positions), gather for a common goal and have proven to be some of the best leaders I know.

To sign up for the Benedictine Leaders Program, visit https://www.stmartin.edu/student-life/leadership-opportunities/benedictine-leaders-program-registration-form


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