Sunday in Seattle: Adventure on a Budget

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I have lived in Washington for over a year and a half, but until last weekend, I had never really explored Seattle before. It’s something that I have always wanted to do but had never done. Previously, the most “Seattle” interaction that I had were my frequent visits to SafeCo Field to root on the Mariners (unless they were playing the Angels, which I would be decked out in red cheering on good ol’ Mike Trout). My point is, something that we are so lucky to have at Saint Martin’s University is being only one hour away from Seattle. We take it for granted, but if we just make that drive up the 5, there is a plethora of things to do off campus. Here’s what I did with my Sunday off.

Meet my friends, Jenn, Lexi, and Hannah! We are ready to take on the day!

We began our day by going to mass at Saint James’ Cathedral. In awe of its exterior beauty, we took pictures outside. Little did we know that the inside was just as beautiful! We even had the opportunity to bring up the gifts for communion!

Saint James Cathedral in downtown Seattle

Next, we took on the streets to walk to the S.A.M., aka the Seattle Art Museum. The walk wasn’t bad at all, but it helped to have a little coffee first 🙂 Such a classic Washingtonian move…


Once we got to the Seattle Art Museum, we were entered a world full of classic and modern art. Many exhibits included religious pieces, focused on the world’s historical journey to knowledge, or brought up political issues such as human migration. My favorite exhibit of them all was the “Seeing Nature” collection of European and American paintings of landscape.

Did you know that you can get a student discount to the S.A.M. with your school ID?

After visiting the S.A.M., we walked to Pike Place Market and explored to our hearts’ content. The fish throwing, the gum wall, the colorful murals, the music, and food were all remarkable to witness. Even the very first Starbucks Coffee shop had a story to tell. It was so fascinating to see a myriad of cultures come together in a common place. To experience Seattle is to get a glimpse of the world and the people who inhabit it.

At the end of the day, it cost about $25 dollars for a day of exciting adventure. It’s not something that I could do every weekend, but for a college student like me, it was a relatively inexpensive way to get off campus and spend quality time with my best friends. As a student at SMU, I believe that we are really fortunate to have such a wide variety of recreational opportunities around us. For more information about student life and things to do outside of campus, please visit our website:



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