My Study Abroad Experience: Northern Europe, Here I Come!

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For those who don’t know, I’m really excited to say that this summer, I will be participating in a summer study abroad program in Northern Europe. It’s a short-term program where we will be traveling to Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland to wrap up

I’m so excited to be traveling to Northern Europe with my friend, Hannah! We even went to the bookstore to find books to prepare us for the trip!

a semester-long course that studies history and sociology. Previously, I never thought that I would be able to study abroad because I thought that it was an opportunity that was too far from my reach. In addition, being a student-athlete makes it really difficult to incorporate a study abroad program into my college experience. Being a part of the women’s softball program and fully committing myself to the team has been the most amazing experience for me, so it is important to me that I be there for the entirety of the Fall and Spring seasons. Thankfully, Saint Martin’s University provides a variety of opportunities for everyone to experience what it is like to be a study abroad student.

I made the decision to study abroad at the beginning of this school year after one of my best friends at SMU, Jennifer, and I stopped by the office of study abroad to ask Brenda Burns some questions and pick up some pamphlets. At the time, we were just curious about

Visit Brenda Burns in the Study Abroad Office, located on the 4th floor of Old Main.

what each program had to offer, but the more that we dreamed, the more we wanted to turn those dreams into a reality. This summer, we get to live that dream and learn more about the world that surrounds us (P.S. this summer she is studying at Cambridge University in Great Britain. WOOT WOOT proud friend right here!).

The study abroad office has so many cool resources to help SMU students make program decisions, find scholarships, and connect students with previous study abroad alumni. Being able to talk to people who are passionate for traveling and learning was really important in my decision-making process. In addition, learning how to effectively fundraise and search for scholarships have helped make the financial costs of study abroad more affordable.

In just a little over a month and a half, I will be on a plane flying halfway across the world. For now, I just have these months to cherish the learning process and take in as much information that I can during my weekly night class to prepare myself for the trip. That is all I have to write about for now, but I can’t wait to share more with you about how this study abroad experience will unfold!

… To be continued…

Photo courtesy of: Dr. David Price
Helsinki waterfront path. Photo courtesy of: Dr. David Price

For more information about study abroad opportunities, visit the website here:


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