All About Me

For anyone who does not know me, I’m Lauren Diuco, and I am really happy to meet you!

Hi, I’m Lauren!

Let me introduce myself a little bit. I am a freshman from Southern California, home of the sun, surf, and Disneyland (totally different than the Pacific Northwest right?). Right now, I am a business major and a communication studies minor, however you never know what could happen. Things could change…

I am a member of the SMU Women’s Softball team. These ladies are like the sisters that I have never had. We strive for

Softball Team Christmas Party
SMU Women’s Softball Team 2016 at their annual Christmas party

excellence, and every day with them is always a good day in my
book. I can’t wait for this upcoming spring season to begin!

I am also a Benedictine Scholar on campus. There are ten members in my cohort, with four cohorts total. As scholars, it is our job to be ambassadors of our school’s core Benedictine values: faith, reason, service, and community. We work very closely with the monks and faculty members to ensure that these values are, well, valued. Everything that I have gained from this experience so far has helped shape my views about the world that we live in, and how I can make an impact on campus.

I have also been able to be a part of an awesome organization on campus called NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary)! Here, we serve as representatives for the students

SMU delegates at PACURH proudly showing their winning display

living on campus, in our residence halls. We put on special programming for students, speak on their behalf, and listen to their needs. This fall, I had the opportunity to go to
PACURH, an NRHH conference that, this year, was held at Washington State University. Not only were my other delegates and I able to get new ideas and tips on how to improve res-life here at SMU, but we even got a spirit award for one of the best displays! What a great day to be a Saint!

Finally, I am also one of the newest members of #SocialSquad. I love Saint Martin’s University so much, and I am so glad that I have this amazing opportunity to connect with YOU about our campus. Hopefully you are as excited to follow me on my journey here at Saint Martin’s as I am to share about my experiences here.

College is still pretty new to me, but I so am thankful to have such a welcoming community to help me form my college experience. Saint Martin’s University has allowed me to create meaningful relationships with so many people that I would not have met otherwise. Everyday, it amazes me that somehow, students from all over the United States (and even the rest of the world) would never have met each other, but somehow, we all met in this one town called Lacey, and became friends.